SIGVARIS – Medical Compression

SIGVARIS is the world’s leading manufacturer of Medical Compression Socks and Stockings. Graduated compression stockings are highly effective in maintaining leg health by squeezing the vein walls together to improve the circulatory rate. This helps with achy, tired legs, swelling and to prevent the formation of varicose veins and spider veins, keeping your legs in optimal shape. Medical compression improves blood transport from the extremities towards the heart, reduces blood reflux and stagnation, and provides better drainage of the deep venous system, which all helps to increase and therefore improve the circulatory rate.



SIGVARIS has a wide variety of basic and fashion forward products designed to fit various lifestyles and may be covered by your third party insurance. Cynthia is a successful graduate of the SIGVARIS education program and is certified to custom fit your SIGVARIS product. Book today for your custom fitting.


20-30mmHg Compression - $99 - $169