Eyelash Enhancing Treatment

Latisse™ is the first and only eyelash enhancing treatment FDA approved to grow your lashes longer, fuller and darker. Latisse™ is an at-home treatment applied daily with visible results as early as 8 weeks and full effects in 16 weeks. Unlike over the counter products that condition and moisturize lashes, Latisse™ is clinically proven to grow longer, fuller lashes. Latisse™ requires a consultation with Dr. Bowdridge before beginning treatment, so if you are considering Latisse™, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Latisse™ is a gradual treatment that takes time to work. It works by extending the hair cycles of your lashes so instead of falling out at a certain point, they continue to grow, thereby resulting in longer, fuller lashes. Most people begin to see results at week 8 with full results at week 16. You will first see an increase in length, followed by an increase in fullness. Continue to use your Latisse™ daily for 16 weeks to see the full results. If you stop using Latisse™ at any time, your eyelashes will slowly return to their previous appearance within several weeks or months. After week 16, Latisse™ should be used approximately 3 times per week to maintain your results.

You are welcome to use mascara throughout your treatment if you wish.

Latisse™ 5ml: $200




More information can be found on the Latisse™ website: www.latisse.com

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Before & After

Below are Dr. Bowdridge’s before and after Latisse™ shots. First picture is before, second is at 8 weeks and third is at 16 weeks. No makeup was applied in any of the photos.